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Owned by George Palmer Putnam Publisher and Explorer (Grandson of G.P. Putnam publisher G.P. Putnam and Son's) husband of Amelia Earhart American aviation pioneer and author.

Used by David Binney Putnam son of publisher, author, and explorer George Palmer Putnam and Dorothy Binney (daughter of Edwin Binney of Binney & Smith Crayola Crayons) stepson of aviator Amelia Earhart and other explorers on expeditions to the arctic.

Expeditions under the auspices of the University of Michigan, American Museum Of Natural History, American Geographical Society, and Museum of the American Indian.

They sailed on the historic schooner Effie M Morrissey aka Ernestina Morrissey New Bedford, Ma. owned by Capt. Bob Bartlett.

Newton Rifle David B. Putnam
George Putnam Newton Rifle

Now owned by Fred E. Owner of A. P. Inc / Maine Gun Dealer Hermon, Maine
Pic taken while laying out shop display. NOW ON DISPLAY IN THE SHOP.  Not for sale

David Binney Putnam was the author of the books David Goes Voyaging, David goes to Baffin Land (The 256 Newton Rifle is featured in this book), David goes to Greenland, and David sails the Viking trail.


Cowboy Carl Dunrud was the author of the book Let's Go and went on one of the Putnam arctic expeditions. He was also close friends with G.P. Putnam and Amelia Earhart. He owned the Double D Ranch in Wyoming and was in the process of building a cabin on his property for George and Amelia at the time she went missing. The cabin was never finished. A photo of Daniel Willard Streeter holding the 256 Newton rifle which is posted below is found in this book.


See the website link below for a complete history and details about this rifle.

David Goes Voyaging
David Goes To Baffin Land
David Goes To Greenland
David Sails The Viking Trail
Carl Dunrud Lets Go Book Maine
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