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Welcome to the best gun shop in Maine with 400+ new and used guns in stock. We have the lowest prices in the state and give fair prices for your trade. We buy firearms as well including estate collections. See our full inventory and pricing on our inventory page updated every morning before we open and throughout the day. No other gun shop in Maine has a more updated website and no other dealer lists their pricing because most of them are overpriced. Since 1997 you still only deal with the owner and no one else. If we don't have what you need we can order it. We don't charge a premium for ordered guns. We don't mark up our guns just to mark them down if someone asks for better pricing. Don't go to Brewer, Holden, Old Town, Newport, Ellsworth, or any other high priced shops that sell at full retail and have poor customer service. Compare us to ANY local gun dealer or gun shop in Maine and you will be glad you did.


Online reviews from our customers:

"Having tried several local FFLs, I drive nearly an hour to go to AllSport. Always a great experience, and some of the lowest FFL transfer fees in Maine."

"Went there found what I wanted found him to be very helpful, great price on a AR15 and Red dot site not pushy as I didn't know a lot about them I will definitely make future purchases there . I had to drive over an hour to get there worth the trip. Thanks Steve C."

"Very pleased with my recent transaction. The Owner was easy to work with and the price was great. I'd absolutely recommend allsport!"

Great prices even on special orders, easy FFL tranfers, knowledgeable and honest appraisals. Straight forward guy that was a firearms enthusiast long before he was selling them. Happy I found a good shop to keep my business local.

"The best prices and best selection of pistols of any gun store for counties around, which is impressive given the small size of the shop! The owner is friendly and helpful. Did I mention you can't beat his prices? Most times, it's lower than ordering online and paying the transfer fee at my local FFL. Do yourself a favor and check him out. PS, his is the only gun store I've been to where the owner treats you as nicely during a 200 dollar purchase as he would a 2 thousand dollar one."

"Great prices and service."

"Great shop with a nice selection of firearms. Transferring a firearm with him was a very simple process and he seems very knowledgeable when it comes to his product. My go to FFL now."

"Fred was very helpful in my decision on my gun purchase. Very competitive pricing and highly recommend!"

"I always go here for my firearms. Fred always has the very best prices, you won't find a better deal. He is very knowledgeable about all of his products, and answers all questions that you may have. Shop here, you won't regret it."

"Great selection and great prices. I have no customer service complains. I called Fred and he helped me get a new part for a gun I recently bought off him that had a manufacturer defect. Would definitely recommend stopping by."

"Best prices available, I rarely see prices lower than this store. Can't wait to see the store grow into the biggest and best gun shop in Maine."

"Treated great, more than fair.highly recommend"

"I have conducted business at this gun shop on numerous occasions, and I feel that the owner operates this business Very Personable, and Professional. I have experienced great customer service and have seen other customers also treated with the upmost respect and courtesy by the owner. this may be a small shop, But the owner acknowledges everybody as they enter the shop and like any business, it sometimes gets a little busy, but he will accommodate and help any potential customer as soon as he can. as with Any Gun shop, filling out the forms and "back ground checks" are time consuming, patience and understanding and courtesy are necessary with any FFL Gun shop that you choose to do business with, if you also have had good customer service and like this shop, tell your friends and relatives,"

"Great customer service, honest and down to earth."

"Best prices that I have ever seen. Only place to have an up to date inventory online. He can usually get things my loacal shop can't get. Always worth the drive."

"Great prices, great selection, and great customer service. My grandfather has been buying guns from Fred for a while now, and I know why."

"Excellent service and prices. I will be back to buy more."

" Fred was very fair with what he offered for my grandfathers collection. I went to some other shops prior to going to Fred. The other shops seamed dishonest and I felt I was not being offered a fair price. When I went to Fred I could tell he was interested in researching what I had and gave me more information than I received from the other shops. One wwii pistol I had I was only offered 300 dollars for and he offered me 600. From my experience I am telling you to not go anywhere else if you are selling a collection of firearms. Fred is one of the most knowledgeable dealers in the state and is fair and honest to boot. My grandfather would of been pleased"

"Very pleased with my experience, will be going back for my next purchase as well"

"Great service, great prices. Website was up to date, and Fred had what I wanted right there. BC was fast, 100% satisfied customer. Definitely will be back soon!"

"Nice selection. Very professional, well-priced, well-organized, local, genuine, Extremely helpful."

"Drove there from Wayne!!! Worth the trip!!! I will definitely go back"

"Fred was great to deal with, conversed with me and my brother while waiting for the background check. best prices I've seen in the Bangor area. Will definitely purchase from him again."

"Fred is very polite, considerate and more than willing to take time to talk guns with you and help you get what you want and need. In my opinion there is only one gun store in Maine."

"Best prices I could find around Bangor. Friendly and easy to deal with for this beginner. Very good up to date website. I purchase two pistols from Fred and HIGHLY recommend this business."

"Showed up on a Friday afternoon and bought two firearms, was a very pleasant experience, even had the news on so I could watch while waiting for my NICS check. Good conversation and fast service will be returning for my next shotgun purchase. Thank you Fred for the excellent priced and personable service."

"Good prices no pressure to buy"

"I sold a used Mossberg shotgun to Fred at a very fair price. I will return to Fred's shop for my future needs because I feel I will be treated fairly!"

"I was recommended to shop here from a good friend, have made a few firearm transfers and what not with Fred from Allsports performance and have had great experiences. I would absolutely recommend him for any of your shooting needs."

"I have purchased multiple firearms from Allsport Performance / Maine Gun Dealer. I can tell you that Fred has the best selection and price around. Other than the physical shop size, you'd never guess he's a small business. Very helpful, professional, and courteous. How many places can you walk in and actually deal directly with the owner? Not many. Fred takes his business seriously and goes above and beyond. To the others who have complained about Fred's business practices: I'd rather have the salesman who pays attention to the customer in person during all aspects of the sale, versus the salesman who's continually on the the phone, talking with a person who potentially may never step foot in the storefront. Fred gives customers multiple options to check his inventory and contact him otherwise. I will continue making my firearm purchases at Allsport Performance / Maine Gun Dealer."

Go online and see many more....


     My name is Fred and I am the owner of Allsport Performance Inc. I was born in Bangor, Me in 1970 and grew up in Carmel, Me and now reside in Hermon, Maine. I am the fifth generation of Emerson's to live in the town of Hermon, Maine. I attended Bangor Christian School until 5th grade and finished JR high at Caravel in Carmel. I graduated in 1988 from Hermon High School. Back in the 90's I took some small engine classes which spark my interest in doing small engine repairs as a second job. I started my business back in 1997 in Carmel, Maine when I was still working a full time job. I repaired snowmobiles, ATV's, and some motorcycles as well. We moved to Hermon in 1999 and I built a brand new shop. When my first daughter was born I decided to stop doing repairs and just concentrate on selling parts and accessories. I continued to run my business part time until the economy went sour. The ZF /Lemforder Corporation in which I worked 21 years closed their doors for good in 2010. This left me with just my business. I started operating my business full time in 2010 and I have tried to gain access to more selection of product to sell and give the best prices possible. I then added something that was a hobby (Firearms) and added it to my business. I started selling firearms, ammo and accessories in 2011 as well as the same products I have carried for years. I have been a collector for many years and my parents had their FFL owning a small gun shop back in the 80's and 90's. Low overhead means low prices. My main goal is to have the best customer service and prices. Times are tough and I hate to see anyone pay way more then they should and end up in debt. I am trying to turn this into something that hopefully will become my full time job for years to come. Without my family and customer support I would not have made it this far.  My family all enjoys going on ATV rides and I enjoy snowmobiling as well. I have owned several motorcycles in the past and miss riding a lot. I am a gun nut as you can see and enjoy hunting as well. I love history ( History Channel ), collecting militaria ( CIVIL WAR, WW I, WW II, KOREA,  VIETNAM ) such as firearms, clothing, helmets, bayonets, gear and most antiques and antique and vintage firearms. I love old Colt firearms, Winchester firearms and, Smith & Wesson revolvers. I buy, sell, and trade. THANK YOU VETS! I am so involved in collecting and being a curator of my families 5 generations of collectables (firearms, militaria, local historical items, gas and oil, antique toys, antique fishing equipment, antique snowmobiles, antique bicycles, and much more) that I would like to be involved with or start a museum so I can share my interests with others. I am also looking to add antiques, collectable, and militaria to my collection. Some customers have brought in items for me to display in my shop or add to my collection. A few items are on display in my shop. I am an NRA member and a member of the Penobscot snowmobile club, Central Maine Trail Blazers ATV club, Hampden Rifle and Pistol club, Gun Owners of Maine, and SAM. Our family attends church at Crosspoint Church in Bangor. Listen for my business to be mentioned on WHCF FM 88.5. I am glad you stopped by and I hope to do business with you soon.

Leviticus 19:11
11 “‘Do not steal. “‘Do not lie. “‘Do not deceive one another.

Proverbs 13:11
11 Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.

Proverbs 10:9
9  Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.


Fred Emerson III




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Fred E. Emerson III



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